RAPIDMATCH™ X-5 Spectrophotometer

RapidMatch™ X-5

RapidMatch X-5 is NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand's electronic colour measurement device. It delivers quick and precise colour identification using inbuilt daylight light sources and five angles of measurement.

RapidMatchThe overall RapidMatch process delivers improved productivity by reducing time spent identifying colours, selecting from a database of over 100,000 virtual colour chips.

RAPIDMATCH™ is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® and BULLS EYE LOGO® are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Perrys of Gobowen

"In comparison to other colour retrieval systems, 'RapidMatch' is definitely alongside the most accurate in the industry. RapidMatch makes the whole job more easy, more efficient, saves time and money whilst operatives enjoy the speed and ultimate pride in their job"