Bodyshop Reporting

Understanding performance is key to being able to drive improvement and Reporting is key to understanding existing performance. Support_Reporting

PAINTMANAGER ® IT System provides data and information enabling any bodyshop business to measure and monitor profitability on paint in addition to painter paint material efficiency.  In addition to accurately measuring and being able to allocate paint usage to job numbers, the system identifies paint stock.  This data coupled with exact usage information means paint stock levels can easily be set to optimums level for the individual bodyshop. 

The types of reports available can be placed into 3 categories:

  • Costing which includes Job Costing, Average Cost & Average Mix by Motor Manufacturer
  • Painter Efficiency which includes Analysis by Painter,  Mix Accuracy & Wastage, Bad Mixes & Mix Information
  • Stock Control which includes Stock Usage & Stock ValuationSupport_Reporting2

All reports can be tailored by selection criteria by job number/range, date/range or by painter / range.  Additionally all reports are available to be printed in both hard and an easy to use electronic format.

PaintManager is able to deliver reporting information to help understand existing performance and therefore help to improve any Bodyshop's performance.


PAINTMANAGER® is a registered Trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.