P190–6870 2K® HS CLEARCOAT


NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is committed to guarantee the innovation of new products and repair processes, outstanding colour quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve bodyshop quality, productivity and profitability.

The new Premium HS Clearcoat P190–6870 is a new acrylic 2 component clearcoat optimised for use over Nexa Autocolor 2K & AQUABASE® Plus basecoats.


To be used with following Ancillaries:


•    P210-8632    2K FAST HS HARDENER (0,5L - 2,5L)

•    P210-8633    2K MEDIUM HS HARDENER (0,5L - 2,5L)

•    P210-8634    2K SLOW HS HARDENER (0,5L - 2,5L)

Suitable for all types of repair, this new Clearcoat was developed to improve the application experience giving an easy to apply conventional 2 coat process or a 1 visit application mode.   

P190–6870 HS Clearcoat is launched alongside three existing hardeners and a wide range of existing thinners allowing excellent performance across all temperatures with a simple 2:1:0.5 ratio. Providing an efficient speed of drying and ease of use, P190–6870 boasts a very good final appearance, with no sinkage or dieback on aging.                                                                                                                                                                                      



Ease of use excellent application,
polishing, sag resistance
User friendly product. Painters can
be confident and quick and with less
chance of rework
Water white product Clean in-can colour appearance
Robust and flexible application Suitable for different application




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