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NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand launches HS Plus Clearcoat, the most advanced clearcoat yet

P190-7020 HS Plus Clearcoat

Nexa Autocolor brand is pleased to announce the launch of a new premium 2K HS Plus Clearcoat developed using the most advanced clearcoat resin technology available today.

The new Nexa Autocolor 7020 HS Plus Clearcoat offers excellent gloss levels with continued gloss holdout achieving an accurate match to the motor manufacturer finish. 7020 HS Plus Clearcoat has the additional benefit of being quick and easy to apply, having good flow from the spraygun and offering a smooth lay down; all making the 7020 HS Plus Clearcoat suitable for the highest quality repair.

With it's one visit application, there is no need for additional bake cycles offering an optimal process to ensure that the bodyshop remains productive and profitable whilst delivering a high quality repair.

Designed to be used with a single hardener, HS Plus Clearcoat is an ideal choice for any Bodyshop requiring a compact and profitable solution.

Nexa Autocolor brand is committed to the innovation of new products and repair processes, outstanding colour quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve Bodyshop quality, productivity and profitability. The launch of this new 2K HS Clearcoat is another example of Nexa Autocolor brand ability to remain at the forefront in developing innovative products to meet the changing needs of the Bodyshop.

To download the Nexa Autocolor HS Plus flyer click the image below.



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